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Reading suggestions

- ESPEN guideline on home enteral nutrition

- ESPEN guideline on clinical nutrition and hydration in geriatrics

- ESPEN guideline on clinical nutrition in the intensive care unit

- ESPEN guideline clinical nutrition in neurology

- ESPEN guidelines on nutritional support for polymorbid internal medicine patients

- WHO Guidelines on Integrated care for older adults (2017)

- Tsz Ning Mak, Sandra Caldeira; JRC SCIENCE AND POLICY REPORTS, The Role of Nutrition in Active and Healthy Ageing
For prevention and treatment of age-related diseases: evidence so far; 2014

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Clinical Nutrition; December 2016 Volume 35, Issue 6, Pages 1450–1456

- T. Cederholm ea; ESPEN guidelines on definitions and terminology of clinical nutrition;
Clinical Nutrition; Articles in Press

- Nicolaas E.P. Deutz ea;ESPEN endorsed recommendation, Protein intake and exercise for optimal muscle function with
aging: Recommendations from the ESPEN Expert Group; Clinical Nutrition 33 (2014) 929-936

- ESPEN Guidelines

- Website JARCP

- Nutrition & Dementia booklet Ireland (2016):

- British Booklet Dementia from Northern Ireland Public (2014): 
- Living nutritionally well with Dementia (2016): 
- Undernutrition screening survey in 564,063 patients - AJCN (2016): 
- Behavioural Risk Factors in Mid-Life Associated with Successful Ageing, Disability, Dementia and Frailty in Later Life:  A Rapid Systematic Review, Lafortune ea, 2016
- NutriLive: An Integrated Nutritional Approach as a Sustainable Tool to Prevent Malnutrition in Older People and Promote Active and Healthy Ageing
   The EIP-AHA Nutrition Action Group
- Interested in demographic data, European Commision determines the Active Ageing Index:
- JRC SCIENCE FOR POLICY REPORT, Report EUR 27227 EN, Feasibility study on dietary recommendations for older adults
Ispra, 23rd-24th October 2014, Tsz Ning Mak, Flaminia Mussio, Sandra Caldeira, 2015
- Nutritional status, body composition, and quality of life in community-dwelling sarcopenic and non-sarcopenic older adults: a case-control study
 Sjors Verlaan, Terry J. Aspray, Juergen M. Bauer, Tommy Cederholm, Jaimie Hemsworth, Tom R. Hill, Jamie S. McPhee, Mathew Piasecki, Chris Seal, Cornel C. Sieber, Sovianne ter Borg, Sander L. Wijers, Kirsten Brandt 
The ageing palate  
Assistant Professor Elisabet Rothenberg and Professor Karin Wendin of Kristianstad University in Sweden investigate the changing demands of food and nutrition with ageing.
- Nutritional-guidelines-and-menu-checklist-residential-and-nursing-homes
- BMI and FFMI do not seem universally applicable in nutritional assessment and the usefulness of SGA and functional evaluation should not be overlooked
Fady Mokaddem
- Reply, Letter to Editor e BMI, FFMI not seem universally applicable in nutritional assessment & the place of SGA & functional evaluation shouldn't be overlooked
 Tommy Cederholm
- Diagnostic criteria for malnutrition e An ESPEN Consensus Statement
- Meta-analyses - A systematic review of the cost and cost-effectiveness of standard oral nutritional supplements in the hospital setting
Elia, C. Normand , K. Norman , A. Laviano
- Should significant weight loss mandated to be “unintentional” for resulting in and regarded as malnutrition? 
Letter to the Editor
- Evidence-Based Recommendations for Optimal Dietary Protein Intake in Older People: A Position Paper From the PROT-AGE Study Group 
Bauer J, Biolo G, Cederholm T, Cesari M, Cruz-Jentoft AJ, Morley JE, Phillips S, Sieber C, Stehle P, Teta D, Visvanathan R, Volpi E, Boirie Y.
- ESPEN guidelines on nutrition in dementia
Dorothee Volkert , Michael Chourdakis , Gerd Faxen-Irving , Thomas Frühwald ,Francesco Landi , Merja H. Suominen , Maurits Vandewoude , Rainer Wirth , Stephane M. Schneider