Position papers


A position paper is the official view of EFAD on a particular topic and can be used by governments or others to inform their understanding.

It is based on evidence and well-founded knowledge of the topic.


An interdisciplinary approach is needed to successfully integrate more sustainable healthy diets into a complex system of food production and supply.



European dietetic associations and the European dietitian workforce are committed and willing to promote healthier and more sustainable dietary patterns through affordable diets that are diversified, nutritious, less resource-intensive, and produce minimal waste.


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EFAD "Budapest Resolution"

Last Modified: 21 October 2022
Other language version: Italian, French, Swedish
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EFAD Policy Paper on The Use of Fiscal Measures on Food to Improve Food Environments

Last Modified: May 2022
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EFAD Position Paper Sustainable Dietary Patterns

Last Modified: 05.04.2022
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Contribution of Nutrient Profile Models to the Promotion of Healthy Eating Environments: Profiling Snacks

Last Modified: March 2022
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EFAD Fact Sheet on Nutrient Profile

Last Modified: January 2021
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Sustainable Health Through the Life Span

Last Modified: October 2019
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How Can Europe Achieve Sustainable Health Through the Lifespan?

Last Modified: October 2019
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AOECS and EFAD joint position statement on nutritional value of GF foods

Last Modified: June 2019
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Nutrient Profile Models

Last Modified: January 2018
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