Executive Team

The executive team of ENDietS is comprised of Nutrition and Dietetic Students.

The Executive Team of ENDietS is composed of two joint presidents, a secretary general, and several anchor positions such as EFAD anchor, promotion & recruitment, conference, education, social media, financial, and national key contact anchors.

Who we are:

Ezgi Melody Kolay (Türkiye) Joint President
Inês Teixeira Duarte (Portugal) Joint President
Dražena Čermak (Croatia) Secretary-General
Merve Güney-Coşkun (Türkiye) Senior National Key Contact Anchor
Emma Verstraelen (Belgium, Sweden) Senior National Key Contact Anchor
Louisa Panayiotou (UK, Cyprus) Senior National Key Contact Anchor
Maria Dimitropoulou (Greece) Junior National Key Contact Anchor
Zeynep Sude Çirkin (Türkiye) Junior National Key Contact Anchor
Stavroula Chaloulakou (Greece) Senior Conference Anchor
Yağmur Deniz (Türkiye, Germany) Senior Conference Anchor
Mafalda Lamas (Portugal) Junior Promotion and Recruitment Anchor
Esra Akad (Türkiye, Germany) Senior Education Anchor
Lydia Chrysoula (Greece) Junior Education Anchor
Naomi McDonnell (Ireland) Junior Education Anchor
Ecem Ortasarı (Türkiye) Senior Social Media Anchor
Pantelis Papanastasiou (Greece) Senior Social Media Anchor
Zeynep Kepoğlu (Türkiye) Senior Social Media Anchor
Ios-Ioanna Desli (Greece) Junior Social Media Anchor