ESDN: Gastroenterology

The mission of our network is to support dietitians in developing and implementing evidence based clinical practices regarding dietetic intervention and prevention through conducting research and creating tools in relation to Gastrointestinal Health and Disease

To promote the role of dietitians in Gastrointestinal Health and Disease in adults and children. To contribute to the prevention of gastrointestinal disease through emphasizing the role of healthy and sustainable food choices across Europe.

This will be achieved through:


  • Engaging with decision and policy makers at local, national and European levels.
  • Supporting the highest quality of professional dietetic practice by developing and designating evidence based proposals, guidelines, reports and position statements.
  • Supporting, developing and delivering dietetic research programs in the area of Nutrition in Gastrointestinal Health and Disease to further develop the evidence basis for practice.
  • Supporting the highest quality of dietetic education, research activity and partnership.
  • Developing and updating role statement and briefing papers for the role of the dietitian in the specialist field.



  • Acting as an advocate for the role of the dietitian in Gastrointestinal Health and Disease.
  • Developing advanced competence statements for dietitians working in the specialist field.
  • Sharing and learning from dietetic practices in Gastrointestinal Health and Disease across Europe.
  • Engaging all dietitians working in the specialist field across Europe through the ESDN members.
  • Liaising as appropriate with other European professional groups and monitor the developments in education and LLL of other health professionals in the specialist field.
  • Liaising with other EFAD committees to develop the specialty in Education, Research and Professional Practice.

Who we are:

Dr. Christina N. Katsagoni Committee Lead

Clinical dietitian at Agia Sofia Children’s Hospital

Research Associate at Harokopio University of Athens


Asteria Stamataki, MSc Committee Deputy Lead

Clinical Fellow at 5th Surgical Clinic, Evgenidion Hospital ,National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, School of Medicine


Sara Carnevale Committee member


Beyan Takika Committee member

Clinical dietitian

Private Clinic Beyan Diet



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