We believe dietitians’ value and expertise will help achieve Sustainable Health for all European citizens. We therefore recommend to invest in nutrition and dietetics across Europe.

Being the pan-European organization for National Dietetic Associations and for Higher Education Institutions that train dietitians, we are able to lead or make significant contributions to European, national and local action plans regarding nutrition and food.

Want to know more on nutrition as a smart investment for Europe, read our White paper Sustainable Health Through the Life Span.

The Budapest Resolution stresses that everyone has the right to adequate food and to be free from hunger, in line with the International Declaration on the Human Right to Food. The Resolution strongly recommends that dietetic care should be an integral part of nutritional care to ensure that no one is left behind. Read the Budapest Resolution below.


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EFAD "Budapest Resolution"

Last Modified: 21 October 2022
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Sustainable Health Through the Life Span

Last Modified: October 2019
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How Can Europe Achieve Sustainable Health Through the Lifespan?

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