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Nutrition in Vulnerable Populations - Kompass 2024

Last Modified: April 2024
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Evidence-Based Dietetic Practice: EFAD Discussion Paper on Challenges for Implementation, Education, Research, and Lifelong Learning

Last Modified: April 2023
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Nutritional Status, Body Composition, and Inflammation Profile in Older Patients with Advanced Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 4–5: A Case-Control Study

Last Modified: 2022
Tags: body composition, kidney disease, Older Adults
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Vegan Diets for Older Adults? A Perspective On the Potential Impact On Muscle Mass and Strength

Last Modified: June 2022
Tags: muscle mass, Older Adults, vegan diet
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Nutritional interventions in older people with COVID-19: an overview of the evidence

Last Modified: December 2021
Tags: COVID-19, nutritional intervention
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The Relevance of Diet, Physical Activity, Exercise, and Persuasive Technology in the Prevention and Treatment of Sarcopenic Obesity in Older Adults

Last Modified: May 2021
Tags: persuasive technology, sarcopenic obesity
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Factors influencing independent older adults (un)healthy food choices: A systematic review and research agenda

Last Modified: August 2022
Tags: ESDN Older Adults, food choice, review
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GLIM Criteria

Last Modified: September 2019
Tags: ESDN Older Adults, GLIM