ESDN: Public Health

To support dietitians in Europe to take a leading role in Public Health Nutrition through evidence-based practices and policies to promote the nutritional wellbeing and food security across the life-course for individuals and groups and prevent disease through healthy and sustainable food choices across European Region.


This will be achieved through:

  • Engaging with decision and policy makers at local, national and European levels
  • Developing and designing evidence-based proposals, policy papers and position statements
  • Acting as an advocate for the role of the dietitian in Public Health
  • Supporting the highest quality of dietetic education, professional practice, research activity and partnership
  • Developing and updating position and briefing papers on the role of the dietitian in the specialist field
  • Sharing and learning from dietetic practices in Public Health across Europe




Dietitians to be the leaders in advocacy for reorienting food and health policies to enhance equity, food security and sustainable food systems by working proactively across health and social care, governments and governmental public health agencies, civil and community networks and organizations, education and research and food industry, among others.

Who are we

Amanda Avery Committee Lead, UK

Programme Director for Master of Nutrition & Dietetics & MSc Clinical Nutrition.
Associate Professor in Nutrition and Dietetics,
Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
Division of food, Nutrition & Dietetics, University of Nottingham

Teresa Rodrigues Committee member, Portugal

Specialist in Community Nutrition and Public Health
Programme Coordinator of Childhood Obesity Surveillance Initiative” (COSI-WHO Europe)
“Healthy Neighborhoods” (Portuguese Council of Ministers) in the in the Northern Regional Health Administration, Portuguese Ministry of Health

Elena Carrillo RD, PhD Committee member, Spain

Blanquerna School of Health Sciences – Ramon Llull University
PI Global Research on Wellbeing (GRoW) research group

Zeynep Begüm Kalyoncu Committee member, Turkey

Assistant Professor
Istanbul Aydin University, Turkey

Bernadett Kiss-Tóth Committee member, Hungary

Nutrition specialist in public health, consultant in food innovations and reformulations Freelancer

Zoi Toumpakari Committee member, UK

Lecturer in Nutrition and Behaviour Change, Centre for Exercise, Nutrition and Health Sciences
University of Bristol

Cinzia Ferraris Committee member
Theodora Mouratidou Committee member

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Role of the European Dietitian in Public Health

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