European Network of Dietetic Students (ENDietS)

The European Network of Dietetic Students, (ENDietS) was established in 2014. The student network is internationally focused and clearly embedded within EFAD, which represents the interests of all European dietitians and promotes the development of the dietetic profession.


  • to provide a platform to unite, connect and empower dietetic students
  • internationally focused and clearly embedded within EFAD
  • within a framework of education and Life Long Learning
  • with a leading role by dietetic students and to involve all dietetic students in Europe
  • by sharing experience and expertise about dietetics related health issues
  • inspired by cultural diversity and sustainability
  • and embracing professional interdisciplinarity and friendship

ENDietS addresses every student dietitian in the world and as there is no membership fee everyone can be part of it.

So just join the network by becoming an ENDietS registered member for free by clicking below.


ENDietS mission is to:

  • promote interaction between European dietetic students
  • encourage HEI’s to strengthen the bonds with EFAD and ENDiets by facilitating their students the options to participate in the network during the programme
  • participate in international inter-professional health forums or symposia
  • defend and promote the need for dietetic professionals in different sectors
  • participate in international inter-disciplinary public health initiatives and events, and popularize a healthy lifestyle in the prevention of non-communicable diseases
  • speak as one organ in name of European dietetic students towards other health students associations and towards policymakers




  • develop activities for dietetic students by dietetic students
  • share exchange opportunities and search for innovative exchange options
  • play our role in Life Long Learning activities, study and research collaboration
  • trigger students, HEIs and national bodies to initiate, expand or formalize students-based initiatives
  • give students the opportunity to develop competencies in leadership, entrepreneurship, empathy, networking, collaborating and organizational skills
  • lead by a voluntary based executive team of students anchors and EFAD anchors to ensure coaching and the network’s sustainability, holding regular virtual meetings and attending the annual EFAD conference

Who we are

The executive team of ENDietS is comprised of Nutrition and Dietetic Students. The Executive Team of ENDietS is composed of two joint presidents, a secretary general, and several anchor positions such as EFAD anchor, promotion & recruitment, conference, education, financial, social media, and national key contact anchors.

View the Executive Team here.

National Key Contacts

ENDietS has a team of 15 National Key Contacts from 6 different countries (Czech Republic, Croatia, Greece, France, Portugal, and Turkey) who play a crucial role in connecting ENDietS with students and representing the organization in their respective countries. These dedicated team members are the voice of European Nutrition and Dietetic Students and help to promote the organization’s vision and events across their countries.

Download our NKC file to learn more about ENDietS’s National Key Contacts and contact them. If you are passionate about nutrition and dietetics and want to represent ENDietS in your country, we would love to hear from you.  Together, we can make a difference in the field of nutrition and dietetics!

National Key Contacts

National Key Contacts

Last Modified: June 12, 2023

Download our PDF to learn more about ENDietS's National Key Contacts and contact them.