Professional Practice Committee

The International Code of Ethics and Code of Good Practice was adopted by EFAD in September 2008. International standards are not meant to replace any national standards that exist, but are meant to put on paper those important matters to which we can all agree. They represent the common ground of dietetics around the world.


We want to achieve this by:

  • working together to define best practices to maintain the integrity of the profession
  • promoting and facilitating the use of the nutritional/dietetic care processes, standardized languages and  outcome management
  • sharing norms on professional quality (competence)
  • monitoring performance levels within Europe of professional practice and supporting improvement
  • prioritizing areas for the development of the profession as a whole to ensure accountability and safe dietetic practice.


The PPC Mission is to support EFAD National Dietetic Associations to enhance the professional practice of its members thereby safeguarding safety and welfare of dietetic service users and building societal trust in thedietetic profession.



The tasks of the Professional Practice Committee (PPC) are linked to the three pillars of professional practice which will advance and harmonize the professional practice in dietetics throughout Europe

Professional practice concerns the way professionals apply their specific expertise to particular cases and reversely use their experiences systematically to build their expertise. Professional practices are characterized by integrity, competency and accountability.

  • Dietitians in Europe are using standardized terminology and work according to a nutrition care process model and outcome management.
  • All Higher Education Institutions have included a nutrition care process model and a standardized language for dietitians in their curriculum.
  • National Dietetic Associations encourage and facilitate dietitians to use a nutrition care process in various practice settings.
  • Dietitians have implemented a standardized language in research to enable a global collaboration.

Who we are

Jose Tiebie Committee Chair
Ana Catarina Moreira Deputy Committee Chair
Silvia Kurmann Committee member


School of Health Professions, Bern University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland


Naomi Trostler Committee member

Institute of Biochemistry, Food Science and Nutrition, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel


Vivian Detopoulou Committee member

Assistant professor, Department of Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics, University of the Peloponnese

Carla Mihail Committee member

Registered dietitian-nutritionist, member of the Romanian College of Dietitians


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