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The Management of Malnourished Adults in All Community and All Health and Care Settings (Policy Statement – BDA)

Last Modified: July 2017
Tags: BDA, Malnutrition, policy statement
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EFAD ESDN Food Service Statement on the Role of the Food Service Dietitian

Last Modified: October 2016
Other language version: Spanish
Tags: Food Service
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Dietitians in Europe Definition, Profession and Education

Last Modified: July 2016
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AOECS and EFAD joint position statement on nutritional value of GF foods

Last Modified: June 2019
Tags: Gluten free
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Mission, vision and priority statements for the EFAD Education and Lifelong Learning Committee

Last Modified: January 2014
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Statement of support for “United Action for Better Health in Europe” (2020)

Last Modified: July 15 2020