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To support dietitians in Europe to take a leading role in the management of diet and nutrition, through evidence based treatment and interventions, through all phases of cancer (from primary prevention to those living with and beyond cancer). To support dietitians as the experts in nutritional aspects of cancer including support on treatment, nutritional aspects of late effects of treatment and secondary prevention.


The vision is for Dietitians to be the leaders in all aspects of nutrition for people diagnosed with cancer. The ESDN Oncology will achieve this vision through supporting the development of Dietetic specialist oncology groups enabling the exchange of knowledge and practice with the committee and between member National Dietetic Associations.

  • Networking and discussion of the role of the specialist oncology Dietitian
  • The sharing of evidence based resources and guidelines
  • Development of expert practice for Oncology Dietitians
  • Supporting the development of Oncology Dietitians to link with national policy,
    initiatives and projects that require specialist knowledge from Oncology Dietitians


The ESDN Oncology held its first meeting in October 2015.

Who we are

Nicole Erickson Committee Lead

Nutrition and Research Coordinator Oncology Dietetics

Comprehensive Cancer Center, Ludwig Maximillian University of Munich, Campus Grosshadern

Clare Shaw PhD RD Committee member

Consultant Dietitian

The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, London

Tuğçe Aytulu Committee Member

Oncology Specialist Dietitian

American Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey

Jacqueline Commandeur Committee Member

Lecturer of Nutrition and Dietetics

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Adele Hug Committee Member

Freelance Specialist Oncology Dietitian

Affiliation: BDA – The Association of UK Dietitians

Laura Keaver Committee Member
Susana Couto Irving Committee Member
Francesca Tabacchi Committee Member


Role Statements

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The Role of the Dietitian in Oncology

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