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EFAD has published several standards for the Education and Training of Dietitians in Europe.

In addition, the Committee provides contact and support to HEI members. In recent years a number of webinars have been delivered.

Evidence-Based Dietetic Practice: EFAD Discussion (Paper) on Challenges for Implementation, Education, Research, and Lifelong Learning – 9 May 2023

Introduction to Salutogenesis:How to Apply Salutogenic Principles in Dietetic Practice? – 9 November 2021

“INPRO – ¡nterprofessionalism in action!” – 26 March 2021



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Adult Education and Learning in Europe – Widening Access to Learning Opportunities

Last Modified: February 2015
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Study of CPD and lifelong learning for health professionals in the EU

Last Modified: January 2013
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The National Consultative Committee for Nutrition and Dietetics, The Netherlands

Last Modified: January 2010
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DIETS2 LLL Guide and Toolkit

Please note: The links to the tools in this guide are accessible for DIETS2 partners only. If you are not a DIETS2 partner and like to find out more about the tools please contact:

This guide, together with the EFAD Policy on Lifelong Learning for Dietitians in Europe (, provides direction, tools, examples and knowhow for dietitians dedicated to the people they serve and their profession.
The tools in this guide have been carefully researched and organised in order to take you, the healthcare professional, through the key steps to constructing your portfolio and demonstrating you are committed to lifelong learning (LLL). Links to external sources provide contemporary information and have been tested at the time of writing, but as with all LLL, situations change and new ways are discovered.

We encourage you to explore the wealth of resources available from your own professional body and also on the worldwide web. We hope that this guide will inspire dietitians and other healthcare professionals.

DIETS2 Guide

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DIETS2 e-guide

Last Modified: March 1 2012
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Guide to best practice; dietetic practice placements in Europe

Last Modified: 2013
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