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Evidence-Based Dietetic Practice: EFAD Discussion Paper on Challenges for Implementation, Education, Research, and Lifelong Learning

Last Modified: April 2023
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Adult Education and Learning in Europe – Widening Access to Learning Opportunities

Last Modified: February 2015
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Study of CPD and lifelong learning for health professionals in the EU

Last Modified: January 2013
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The National Consultative Committee for Nutrition and Dietetics, The Netherlands

Last Modified: January 2010
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DIETS2 Guide

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DIETS2 e-guide

Last Modified: March 1 2012
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Guide to best practice; dietetic practice placements in Europe

Last Modified: 2013
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The Roskilde and Taormina Resolutions

Roskilde Resolution

Last Modified: September 15, 2003

At the EFAD General Meeting, held in Roskilde, Denmark, September 2003, delegates participated in a workshop “Towards European Standards in Dietetic Education”, coordinated by Professor Anne de Looy, Queen Margaret University College, Edinburgh, UK and published the Roskilde Resolution.

Taormina Resolution

Last Modified: September 15, 2007

At the 2007 EFAD General Meeting, held in Taormina, Italy, delegates from the 20 member associations present agreed that a new resolution, building on the aims already established by the Roskilde Resolution, was needed.

Education Documents

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Mission, vision and priority statements for the EFAD Education and Lifelong Learning Committee

Last Modified: January 2014
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EFAD Academic Standards

Last Modified: June 2018
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EFAD Practical Placements Standards - ELLLC revision 2022

Last Modified: October 2022
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Dietitians in Europe Definition, Profession and Education

Last Modified: July 2016
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European Dietetic Advanced Competencies

Last Modified: July 2012
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Revised Dietetic Competence and the six domains of dietetic competency in Europe

Last Modified: July 2016
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