Breakfast Quality Score

To facilitate the assessment of breakfasts against the IBRI recommendations, a breakfast quality score (BQS) was developed and validated using French food consumption data from INCA 3. Four alternative breakfast score models were tested, each consisting of three sub-scores but with different weighting assigned.

The three sub scores were:

  • eLIMf (energy, saturated fat, free sugars, and sodium). 
  • PF (protein and fibre) and
  • VMn1-14 (vitamins and minerals where n varied from 0 to 14)

The selected BQS has a 50% weighting on nutrients to limit, 44% weight on vitamins and minerals and a 6% weighting on protein and fibre. Full details of how the score was developed can be found in the publication available below:

A three-component Breakfast Quality Score (BQS) to evaluate the nutrient density of breakfast meals

The final score ranges from 0-100 and indicates the overall quality of the breakfast meal