Kompass Nutrition & Dietetics aims to bridge this gap between science and dietetic practice. It will enable dietitians to learn about new insights, new methods and new ways of working that exist in Europe. We hope that this information will inspire you to further improve our profession.

Each issue of Kompass Nutrition & Dietetics focuses on a specific dietetic topic. The journal contains different types of articles, including knowledge transfer articles, explaining how outcomes of scientific research could be used in dietetic practice; reviews and case reports, which could be translated articles from journals of national dietetic associations.

We hope that dietitians in Europe and beyond will appreciate Kompass Nutrition & Dietetics. Enjoy reading!

Volume 2, Issue 1 – Released April 2022

Disharmony in gut microbiota – should this be a priority for public health nutrition?

Pages 26 -29


Volume 1, Issue 3   –  Released October 2021

e-Health and Nutrition

Pages  69-120

Volume 1, Issue 2   – Released June 2021

The Burden of Malnutrition

Pages 37 – 68

Volume 1, Issue 1   – Released December 2020

A Bridge between International Science and Dietetic Practice

Pages  1-36