ESDN: Obesity

To support dietitians in Europe to take a leading role in the prevention and management of obesity, through evidence-based treatment and interventions. To achieve sustainable health for all Europeans who are overweight and have weight-related co-morbidities.


To support dietitians to take their role in the prevention and treatment of obesity and make citizens in Europe benefit from their skills, knowledge and commitment of dietitians. The ESDN will cooperate with the other ESDNs as well as with other bodies, like ECO, WHO and ICD and universities. The ESDN will encourage closer communication between dietitians in Europe to share skills and knowledge. The ESDN will stimulate research on the role of dietitians in prevention and management.

We work closely with EASO, OPEN-EU, FAO and World Obesity.

Who we are

Maria Hassapidou Committee Lead

Professor Department of Nutritional Sciences and
Dietetics of the International Hellenic University

Ellen Govers Committee Deputy Lead

Chair of Netherlands Knowledge Centre of Obesity

Hilda Mulrooney Member

Associate Professor in Nutrition
Kingston University, UK

Odysseas Androutsos Member

Associate Professor of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics
Department of Nutrition-Dietetics, University of Thessaly

Antonis Vlassopoulos Member

PhD in Human Nutrition
University of Glasgow School of Medicine

Zeynep Eroglu Student Member
Marianna Kalliostra Student Member

Role Statement

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Role of the Dietitian in Obesity

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