How we work

EFAD is a Professional Association and non-governmental organisation that maintains independence and integrity at all times. EFAD’s Policy on Endorsement aims to maintain the integrity of EFAD and the independence and professional standing of its members, while promoting goods and services which will contribute to the mission and values of the Federation.

EFAD Transparency statement

EFAD understands that visitors to this website, our partners and members would like to know more about who we are, what we do and whether we achieve our ambitions. We want to be honest and provide information in a responsible way which is clear and easy to understand.

EFAD is registered:

European Commission Transparency Register with Identification number: 99138006725-91

Chamber of Commerce, Eindhoven, The Netherlands KvK-number 40215656


Collaboration principles

Every collaboration between EFAD and an entity will have to adhere to the following principles:


  • The collaboration contributes in an effective manner to the mission, goals, strategic plan and code of ethics of EFAD
  • The cooperation is not in violation of any local, national or international law
  • Collaboration does not result in influence on EFAD’s own policies and practices
  • In the event the collaboration is a research project, this should follow ethical standards for research as outlined in the Declaration of Helsinki1
  • EFAD retains independent decision regarding advice on health, food, nutrition and dietetics






  • EFAD will not, under any circumstances, work with:
    • Organizations that are characterized predominantly by sales and / or production of foods which are not conducive to a healthy lifestyle and / or optimizing nutritional status
    • Organizations which are active in or profit predominantly from the production of tobacco and / or alcoholic beverages and / or armaments and / or illegal


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EFAD Principles and Guidelines for Transparent Collaboration_2023

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