EFAD leads the project and collaborates with two research teams from Austria and Spain, to develop a toolkit for dietitians to educate patients on how to build a healthy breakfast based on the International Breakfast Research Initiative (IBRI) Europe breakfast recommendations.


Cereals Partners Worldwide set up the IBRI in 2016, a project led by recognized nutrition experts, to develop nutrient recommendations for a balanced breakfast, based on established daily nutritional guidelines and the observed nutritional contribution of breakfast.

More information on IBRI methodology and published recommendations can be found here: International Breakfast Research Initiative (IBRI)

To facilitate the assessment of breakfasts against the IBRI recommendations, a Breakfast Quality Score (BQS) was developed.  More details on the BQS can be found here: Breakfast Quality Score

The breakfast calculator is a free online tool that has been developed to enable dietitians, researchers and other healthcare professionals to easily create, assess and compare different breakfasts against the IBRI nutrient recommendations. More details on the Breakfast Calculator can be found here: Breakfast Calculator


Project Objectives

This project aims to develop a toolkit for dietitians to educate patients and clients on how to formulate a balanced breakfast using the IBRI nutrient recommendations as an evidence base.

The project will be comprised of three parts:

  • Understanding the needs of dietitians to support them in their daily practice to educate patients about a balanced breakfast
  • Development of materials and tools for breakfast education targeting different existing resources
  • Provision of educational material on breakfast science for dietitians via the EFAD learning platform


Balanced Breakfast Toolkit

Included in our Balanced Breakfast Toolkit is an info pack consisting of four sections: Importance of breakfast, Breakfast diversity, Breakfast recommendations, Consultation and follow-up. In addition to this, a Balanced Breakfast Recipe Booklet is provided including an array of 20 recipes, sweet and savory.

The toolkit also provides a Breakfast Calculator where breakfast options can be created, comparisons can be made between options and a nutrition quality score can be provided. MS Nutrition Breakfast Calculator tool has been reviewed by EFAD and research teams.

To further assist you with knowledgeable material, we are preparing the social media assets including myths, facts and recipes and will provide them through our EFAD Learning Library with a range of reading and video sources to enhance your understanding of a balanced breakfast.

After the completion of the 14th EFAD Congress, we are pleased to inform you of an upcoming launching event in early November!

Breakfast Toolkit can be accessed here:

Partners and Supporters






The Breakfast Toolkit was developed by EFAD along with the University of Applied Sciences for Health Professions Upper Austria, and San Pablo CEU University.


Our work was supported by MS Nutrition, offering its unique modeling and statistics expertise and creating the Breakfast Calculator.

Our sincere appreciation goes out to CPW for providing the EFAD with an unrestricted educational grant.

CPW had no influence on the professional opinions of the dietitians and research teams involved in this project, nor on the content of these materials relating to dietetics.