ESDN: Sports and Physical Activity

Our mission is to create a network of specialists in the field of nutrition in sports and physical activity.

To develop evidence-based guidelines and research connecting physical activity, nutrition and health. To share the knowledge about the role of nutrition in sports and the role of physical activity in health. We achieve it by educating dietitians, athletes and community through webinars, lectures, articles, fact sheets and social media.

Our vision is to demonstrate the contribution of nutrition in physical activitypromoting quality of life and health. The goal of the ESDN is to be the voice of European sports dietitians, to support dietitians in establishing their knowledge and in recognition for their role in sports and physical activity.


Who we are

Ria Vanderstraeten Committee Lead

Ria Vanderstraeten conducts a variety of national and international training courses in sports nutrition and nutrition supplements & doping, eating disorders, malnutrition, diabetes, metabolic aspects diets under physical stress, behavior change.
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Serge Pieters Committee Member

Serge Pieters is a dietitian-nutritionist in the areas of sports nutrition and astronaut physiology. His early studies directed him to the field of food sciences. He is trained as a gourmet cook with experience in Michelin star restaurants. He later specialized in more scientific studies.
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Katarzyna Janiszewska Committee Member

Dr Janiszewska is a sports nutrition scientist, lecturer and sports dietitian with 13 years of experience as a National Olympic Taekwondo athlete. After completing her PhD on pre-competition weight loss in taekwondo she created a unique nutrition training program for coaches.
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Raul Lopez Committee Member

Raul Lopez is a specialist in areas such as exercise and human physiology, high performance, endurance sports science, health and aging, dietetic and nutrition. Passionate sportaman: cycling (former U23 at national level), duathlon & triathlon (Spanish AG champ and WCh-ECh podiums-top10 from sprint to 70.3 Ironman) and athletics.
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Sousana Papadopoulou Committee Member

Sousana Papadopoulou is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics, International Hellenic University, Thessaloniki, Greece, since 2014. From 2002 to 2014 she was a Research Fellow at the same department, while from 1999 to 2004 she was a research fellow at the laboratory of “Sports Nutrition”, at the Department of Physical Education and Sports Science at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.
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Stella Miric Committee Member

Stella has completed an MSc in Sports Nutrition from the world-renowned Research Institute of Sport & Exercise Science at LJMU. She is also registered on the UK Sport & Exercise Nutrition Registered and for the last 3 years she is actively leading the European Network of Dietetic Students (ENDietS) as a Joint President.
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Role & Mission

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