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World Obesity Day

Obesity is a health challenge in your country. In EFAD the ESDN (European Specialist Dietetic Network) Obesity is working closely with EASO (the European Association for the study of Obesity) to combat obesity. We do that by preparing guidelines for adults and children with obesity. These will be issued in 2018-2019 and become available for all dietitians and other haelth professionals to use.

11 October 2017 is World Obesity Day. EFAD calls upon all European dietitians to take a role in fighting obesity in their country by collaborating with other health professionals, schools, parents and the food industry to make small changes that can have a big health effect on both adults and children. Please let the ESDN Obesity know (through the EFAD secretariat) which actions you have taken. Ellen Govers and Maria Hassapidou Chairs of ESDN Obesity