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Mission and vision

We translate scientific knowledge on ageing and geriatric nutrition to evidence-based practical information and tools, enabling dietitians in Europe to improve dietetic care of older adults.


Overall, we aim to promote the role of the dietitian in the specialist field. We will accomplish this aim by:

developing and updating position papers and briefing papers on the role of the dietitian in the specialist field 

developing advanced competence statements for dietitians working
                in the specialist field
sharing and learning from dietetic practices for older adults
                across Europe
engaging all dietitians working in the specialist field across Europe
                through the ESDN members
liaising as appropriate with other European professional groups and
                monitor the developments in education and LLL of other health
                professionals in the specialist field
liaising with other EFAD committees to develop the specialty in
                Education, Research and Professional Practice
developing research proposals (research questions, design,
                methodology) in order to promote the participation of dietitians
                in EU and other research projects.