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The Role of the Dietitian in Oncology

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Dietary supplements and herbal remedies affecting blood clotting

Last Modified: 2020
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The Royal Marsden Cancer Cookbook

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ESPEN expert group recommendations for action against cancer related malnutrition

Last Modified: June 15 2017
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European Journal of Surgical Oncology

Last Modified: December 28 2018
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Oncology Nutrition recommendations for cancer patients at risk for osteoporosis

Last Modified: July 2019
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Co-creating the Patient Nutritional Pathway

Last Modified: November 30 2019
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“EFAD European Specialist Dietetic Network for Oncology” Briefing paper

Last Modified: July 2018
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Role of the Dietitian in Oncology

Last Modified: September 2017
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Dietitians in the management of nutrition in cancer

Last Modified: January 2018
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