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The video series of PROMISS Masterclasses was released on the PROMISS Youtube Channel.

The short explainer videos to help the food industry and SMEs in developing products for older adults:

As video 1 – 6 can also be very interesting for stakeholder groups other than industry (like older persons, health professionals, policy makers, dietitians, researchers…) the English subtitles were translated in Dutch, French, German, Spanish and Finish.

To access them, click here: (click on the ‘settings’ icon to select the correct language)


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Protein Screener

The updated version of the protein screener is now live!

In addition to updated content and layout, it’s now possible to select if you are an older person or a health care professional/researcher using the screener.

The protein screener is currently available in English, Dutch and Finnish.


A cohort study key for the research in PROMISS was LASA – The Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam, a cohort consisting of over 3,000 older people aged 55 years and over from the Netherlands. LASA started in 1991 with the aim to determine physical, emotional, cognitive and social predictors and consequences of ageing, and its data collection is still ongoing.

Based on it, PROMISS was developing and validating a short food questionnaire to screen for low protein intake in community-dwelling older people, the Protein Screener 55+ (Pro55+).

LASA Data on 1348 older men and women (in the age range 56-101 years) were used to develop the Pro55+ and data of 563 older men and women (55-71 years) of the Dutch HEalthy LIfe in an Urban Setting (HELIUS) study were used for external validation.


High-Protein Meal for Older Adults Recipe Competition + Recipe Booklet

This competition was organised by the European Federation of the Associations of Dietitians, as a deliverable for the PROMISS dissemination work package and it is supported by the European Network of Dietetic Students (ENDietS).

Recipe submissions that complete all the criteria were published in a recipe book that would inspire Older Adults to create healthy high-protein meals.

This competition was open only to Dietitians/ Nutritionists and/or Dietetic Students worldwide.


76 applicants submitted 108 interesting, delicious and high-quality recipes for older adults.

The 3 winning ones that were in line with PROMISS findings, sustainable, adapted to older adults cost, their ingredients are available throughout Europe and are easy to be cooked by older adults are, as also pictured, the following ones:

🥇 Dorka Krisztina Vajdovich – Fish-chickpea “balls” with beetroot quinoa risotto
🥈 Rossy Paulina Guzmán López – Soy Bolognese with brown rice
🥉 Sena Aydoğdu – Multigrain Rice: Japgok-bap (잡곡밥)

Congratulations to the 3 winners!


The Recipe Booklet can be downloaded below.


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