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Webinar on “Water – the forgotten nutrient"

“Water – the forgotten nutrient. What do dietitians know?”

Approximately 400 people registered for the webinar, 98 people attended and 70 completed the survey at the end of the webinar. You can read the feedback we received from our attendees here.

“Water – the forgotten nutrient. What do dietitians know?”
organized by the EFAD working group ‘European Healthy Hydration Awareness Campaign’

23rd May 2017 at 19.00CET

Drinking water is as normal as brushing your teeth and tying your shoelaces; but what do we really know about the relationship between health and hydration?

In 2016 EFAD initiated the European Healthy Hydration Awareness Campaign (EuHHAC). This project aims to seize the opportunity to promote healthy hydration in the current food ‘climate’; expressed in the Food and Nutrition Action Plan (FNAP) and complemented in the EFAD European Dietetic Action Plan (EuDAP).

With this webinar EuHHAC want to create awareness among dietitians on healthy hydration. Water is essential to health, but is a macronutrient that is often overlooked.
The last decades the impact of water drinking on human health is studied often and thoroughly. This resulted in convincing evidence that optimal water consumption adds to daily and long-term health.

In the EuHHAC webinar ‘Water; the forgotten nutrient’ you will learn the basics on the role of water in our body and discover the convincing evidence on the role water plays in the prevention of chronic diseases. In content of the webinar will be related to the current state of knowledge on healthy hydration among dietitians and discuss the steps to a hydration action plan.

The webinar was presented by
Pauline Douglas, dietitian
Senior lecturer/clinical dietetics facilitator Ulster University, Northern Ireland.
Fellow of the British Dietetic Association
Member of the EFAD Executive Committee and the EuHHAC working group

Joan Gandy, freelance dietitian
Fellow of the British Dietetic Association
Member of the fluid intake expert group of the Danone Waters – Hydration and Health


You can access the recording on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-s0E7O4XFrs