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2015 EFAD conference

Workshop 2015

2014 EFAD conference

Workshop and roundtable 2014

Workshop presentation

Photo Athens 2014

2016 ICD conference

Meeting  of ESDN Older  Adult  in  the  Intenational Congress of Dietetics  on Granada (7-10th, septembre, Granada , Spain).

2016 EUGMS

EUGMS 5-7 October 2016 Lissabon

Presentation 1:
Nutrition, Coffee and Age-Related Cognitive Decline. In practice: Implications for healthcare advice to patients
Elisabet Rothenberg

Presentation 2: "The role of the dietitian in the Geriatric team"
Elisabet Rothenberg

2017 EFAD conference

Program 'ESDN Older Adult':   For the abstracts click here

Welcome & introduction
Harriët Jager – Hanzehogeschool Groningen (NL)

An introduction to the PROMISS project
Marjolein Visser – VU Medical Centre, Amsterdam (NL)

Development and validation of a short food questionnaire to assess
low protein intake in community-dwelling older adults
Hanneke Wijnhoven – Free University, Amsterdam (NL)

Poor diet quality and long-term risk of incident protein-energy malnutrition
in community-dwelling older adults
Linda Hengeveld – Free University, Amsterdam (NL)

Protein intake pattern over the day and the risk of low total protein
intake in Dutch older adults
Jolanda de Boer – National Institute for Public Health and the Environment
Bilthoven (NL)

Malnutrition & vitamine D deficiency in hip fracture patients
Amalia Tsagkari

Time trends in food pattern in 70 year old swedes. What has happened?
Elisabet Rothenberg – Kristianstad University (SE)

Summary & take home messages
Harriët Jager – Hanzehogeschool Groningen (NL)