EFAD Standards

Revised Academic Standards (2018), in German
Revised Definition of a Dietitian
Revised Dietetic Competence and the 6 Domains of Competency
European Dietetic Advanced Competences

International Code of Ethics and Code of Good Practice for Dietetics was adopted by EFAD September 2008
International standards are not meant to replace any national standards that exist, but are meant to put on paper those important matters to which we can all agree, so that National Dietetic Associations who have their own, can still commit to the sentiments of any internationally agreed code.  They represent the common ground of dietetics around the world.
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European Practice Placement Standards for Dietetics
Associations and Higher Education Institutes were asked to return their comments on the Draft Practice Placement Standards by 15 June 2010.
A final version of the Standards was prepared, taking into consideration all comments received, and adopted by the EFAD 21 General Meeting in September 2010

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European Pedagogic Standards for Practice Placement 
The development of these pedagogic standards has used practice placement/work based learning data, the EFAD Standards for Practice Placements (EFAD, 2010) and also drew on best practice from other professions and agencies. The ultimate goal is to provide guidelines for practice placement teachers, aimed at
the achievement of the optimum degree of quality, standards and outcomes with regard to practice placement learning facilitated by the teacher.

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European Academic & Practitioner Standards for Dietetics 
EFAD members agreed unanimously in 2005 to adopt the European Academic & Practitioner Standards for the education and training of dietitians throughout Europe.

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