Online COURSE: Energy Metabolism and Body Composition in nutrition and health research (Wageningen University and Research)

a brief, intensive online course at an advanced level, which provides the participants with up-to-date information about state-of the art methodology and current issues in energy metabolism and body composition research. Due to the online nature of the course, techniques cannot be practised during the course, but there will be ample opportunity to discuss practical issues with the course leaders.

Changes in energy balance result in weight gain or loss and changes in body composition. Disturbances in energy metabolism like mitochondrial dysfunction and metabolic inflexibility are linked to metabolic health and chronic diseases. Both diet and physical activity, but also ageing and chronic diseases like cancer, can affect energy metabolism, energy balance and body composition.
This course will give an overview of state-of-the-art methods to measure body composition and energy metabolism and its application, and will touch upon some major (patho)physiological aspects of energy metabolism and health.

Target group
The course is aimed towards research professionals who are at the start of their career in nutritional or health sciences, or other scientists who want to become familiar with the field of energy metabolism and body composition in nutrition and health research. Participants should have a background in biology, medicine, food/nutritional science, or other life sciences and should have basic knowledge of human biology, physiology and nutrition.

Date & duration
The course will be held online. The 3h course lectures will run in the afternoon of 5 Tuesdays (from 12-01 until  09-02);

Tuesday 12-01 from 14.00-17.00
Tuesday 19-01 from 14.00-17.00
Tuesday 26-01 from 14.00-17.00
Tuesday 02-02 from 14.00-17.00
Tuesday 09-02 from 14.00-17.00

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