Task and Priorities


•To support the Executive Committee in developing policies related to education and LLL for example by performing scoping and mapping activities such as surveys on educational practices Europe wide.
•To support EFAD members in facilitating communication on issues related to intrinsic strategies for continuous professional development by disseminating new initiatives, providing tools, and best practice descriptions.
•To liaise with other Committees of EFAD to ensure a seamless and transparent approach to effective use of resources and implementation of initiatives.
•To continue to make HEI’s aware of and test the usability of outputs from the DIETS projects.
•Monitor pertinent European directives and developments of other professions (in collaboration with other committees of EFAD) and how these can inform the work of the NDAs, HEIs and EFAD.


•To disseminate and support increased utilization of outputs from the DIETS projects, e.g. the European Dietetic Advanced Competences (EDAC) for CPD and LLL
•Support continuous professional development (CPD) and monitoring the development in Europe with regard to registration and CPD-requirements together with the PPC
•Investigate the feasibility of certifying/endorsing LLL courses
•Develop networking, information provision and use of appropriate media to support dietitians in their continuous professional development.