History of the ELLLC

Education and Lifelong Learning Comittee (ELLLC) started in 2010 during the EU-Project DIETS2.

Since the establishment of EFAD in 1978 many initiatives have taken place to support the development of dietetic professional practice in Europe. EFAD has developed standards for the education, training and practice of dietitians in Europe (adopted in 2005 and European standard for practice placement requirements (adopted in 2010), a European standard for advanced dietetic competences (adopted in 2012), Pedagogical standards for practice placement teachers (adopted in 2013) and a Lifelong learning (LLL) strategy (adopted in 2013).

These initiatives have provided a solid basis on which to keep on buidling and developing. We are grateful to the individuals that contributed to them, but the job is not yet finished. Changes within EFAD, including the cessation of the Thematic Networks for Improving Education and Training Standards for Dietitians in Europe (DIETS1 and 2), and the inclusion of higher education institutions (HEIs) as Education Associate Members, provide new opportunities to support national dietetic associations (NDAs).

The ELLLC was developed to continue the work started and to provide help to HEIs and NDAs to implement results from DIETS1 and 2. Recent work has included the development of frameworks and criteria for registration, training and LLL, which includes continuous professional development (CPD) for the dietetic workforce.

We also seek to support HEIs in establishing effective models of pedagogical practice within Europe.