Covid-19 Information on Nutritional Support

EFAD has collated, and in some cases translated (using Google Translate), all the information we have received from our members to help dietitians, and other health professionals across Europe, to offer optimal nutritional support to patients with COVID-19 virus.

We will continue to add information as we receive it.

To help you access information quickly here is a list of what is already available:


  1. In the Netherlands two dietitians report that their working environment has changed in recent days from a peripheral hospital to an acute care centre. They have adopted a generic nutrition policy for the departments where the corona patients are admitted, which they are happy to share see the Dutch & English versions.


NVD has a dedicated part of their website for dietitians about COVID-19:


  1. Colleagues from Ireland have shared six documents giving dietitians advice on nutritional support for patients in Intensive Care Units see here (English)


  1. The British Dietetic Association (BDA) has published advice for dietitians and the public on their web site (English)


  1. BDA Critical Care Specialist Group has today (25.3.20) published new guidance on management of nutrition and dietetic services during the COVID-19 pandemic


  1. In Israel dietitians have expedited a joint position paper regarding the nutritional treatment of patients on prolonged mechanical ventilation - it was published on 23.3.2020. It was written by leading dietitians from the ministry of health and our NDA. 

Hebrew version see here – with list of references in English on page 21

English version to follow


  1. In Spain dietitians have produced a position paper on food and nutrition recommendations against the coronavirus crisis, with recommendations for healthy people who are in confinement, pregnant and nursing, people with mild symptomatology in COVID-19 and critical patients in ICU.

Spanish version – see here

English version - see here


  1. Handbook of COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment (First Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine has treated 104 patients tested positive for COVID-19 in 50 days; and it has achieved zero deaths in patients diagnosed, zero patients misdiagnosed, and zero infections in medical staff) Page 31 describes nutritional treatment in general terms

English version:  

Italian and Spanish versions coming soon


Hinke Kruizenga highlights items to note from the Chinese manual and gives additional information from The Netherlands see in Dutch and English


  1. ESPEN will soon publish practical guidance for Nutritional Management of Individuals with SARS-CoV-2 infection. See for guidelines already available


  1. The Hungarian Dietetic Association has published Infographics for the general public. See CoronaVirus Nutrition Guide 1, 2 and 3.


  1. The College of Dietetics and Human Nutrition published the Policy on Dietetic Work during the COVID-19 outbreak at (Hungarian only)


  11. Turkish Dietetics Association produced a guideline (Turkish)


  12. Indications that ANDID has developed for Italian dietitians, for the various areas of professional practice. (Italian)


  13. Article on blood clotting written by Diana Artene, member of EFAD ESDN Oncology Committee.


  14. A 10-point summary on diet, nutrition and the role of micronutrients:


 15. The society of Heamotolgy and Oncology released a guideline for cancer patients. It even mentions the continued importance of nutrition support which in Germany is a huge step!! 


 16. Paper published in the Irish Medical Journal today which may be of interest. 


 17. The statements from the Cyprus Dietetic and Nutrition Association (CyDNA):

           (1) Guidelines with  protection measures in nutrition/dietetic offices on the pandemic of COVID-19 from the Cyprus Dietetic and Nutrition Association(1st part)

 CYDNA and Covid -19 ( 002) -

           (2) A. Guidelines with  protection measures in nutrition/dietetic offices on the pandemic of COVID-19 from the Cyprus Dietetic and Nutrition Association

           1 B. Online Dietitian: Dietary Treatment & Nutrition Advice: CyDNA and Covid-19 (003) -