Position papers

A position paper can also be called a point of view paper.
A position paper presents one side of an arguable opinion about an issue and should persuade the audience there is an evidence based and well-founded knowledge of the topic being presented.
Therefore the goal of a position paper is to convince the audience that our opinion is valid and defensible so it is important that all sides of the issue are addressed. It therefore goes without saying that the validity of our statements, as well as any counterclaims, should be discussed to convince the audience that EFAD is well informed about both sides. A position paper is the official view of EFAD on a particular topic and can be used by governments or others to inform their understanding.

Purpose of a Position Paper

  • To clarify the position of EFAD within a specific field
  • To enable EFAD to lobby/respond to enquiry/proactively influence
  • To state what European dietitians can uniquely contribute and the impact (on nutritional health/quality of life/cost)
  • To promote our profession
  • To support NDA members



AOECS and EFAD joint position statement on nutritional value of GF foods