Mission, Vision, Values

To support member Associations in developing the role that dietitians have in reducing inequalities and improving nutritional health in Europe.
EFAD, national dietetic associations (NDAs) and dietitians are recognised leaders in the field of dietetics and nutrition. We will continue to pro-actively initiate and grow partnerships in order to improve nutritional health, reduce socioeconomic health inequalities and contribute to economic prosperity.
To achieve our vision EFAD supports the highest quality of dietetic education, professional practice, research activity and partnership.
The values of EFAD guide how we make decisions and define our approach to partnership and collaboration.
Our core values are: fairness, openness, non-discrimination, collaboration and independence.
These are expressed more fully in the way EFAD conducts its business, observing our Code of Ethics and Code of Good Practice and being:
  • democratic, transparent and inclusive
  • independent and ethical
  • discerning and open to new ideas and approaches
  • credible, objective and honest
  • an effective communicator
  • supportive of opportunity, innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship
  • respectful of the values that members hold and their capabilities
  • a partner with clients, colleagues and others
  • active in pursuing excellence

EFAD is a not-for-profit organisation that does not pursue any political or religious ends.