About EFAD

The European Federation of the Associations of Dietitians (EFAD) was established in 1978.

The aims of EFAD are to:

  • Promote the development of the dietetic profession
  • Develop dietetics on a scientific and professional level in the common interest of the member associations
  • Facilitate communication between national dietetic associations and other organisations – professional, educational, and governmental
  • Encourage a better nutrition situation for the population of the member countries of Europe.

Membership of the Federation is open all National Associations of Dietitians from member states of Europe and Higher Education Institutes worldwide that teach dietetics.

In 2020 EFAD has 33 National Dietetic Association members, representing over 35,000 dietitians in 28 European countries and 40 Education Associate Members, covering an additional two EU countries.

The General Meeting is made up of delegates from each of the Member Associations.
The Federation is directed by the General Meeting and managed by an Executive Committee.
The Honorary President and the Executive Committee members are elected by the General Meeting.

EFAD has links with other organisations in the field of nutrition and dietetics and with other professionals. EFAD was accredited to the WHOEurope as a non-state actor in 2018.

EFAD does not pursue any political, religious or financial ends