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Policy paper on Nutrient Profiling

The Nutrient Profiling System (NPS) is a scientific method that evaluates the nutritional quality of foods and beverages, categorizing, classifying or ranking them according to their nutritional composition and their impact on health as regards to disease prevention and health promotion. The principal aim of the NPS has been to help consumers identify nutrient-rich foods, make decisions on food purchasing and improve diet quality by encouraging a healthy diet. NP models have a wide variety of public health uses, both educational and regulatory.

The current use of NPSs, primary for health claims, labelling and food marketing restrictions, is far from the potential that could be realized. To achieve their real potential, the European Commission should define a NP model and its conditions for the use of nutrition and health claims on foods. This model should take into account the quantities of nutrients and other substances present in the food, the role of the food in the diet of the general population or certain risk groups and the presence of nutrients whose health effects have been scientifically recognized.

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