Raymond Gemen and Laura Fernández Celemín for managing the development of the behaviour change resources, including the workshops with dietitians, recording of the videos, creation of the website and texts, and dissemination.
Michelle Harricharan and Julie Barnett for providing academic input on the theories and techniques of behaviour change, managing research with European dietitians on behaviour change, and their expert input at different stages of the development process.
Anne de Looy (President) and Judith Liddell (Secretary General) for their expert input at several stages during the development process, for liaising with dietitians throughout Europe, and for their efforts in dissemination.

Maria Hassapidou, Ellen Govers, Tanja Callewaert, and Hilda Mulrooney (EFAD’s European Specialist Dietetic Network on obesity), Daniel Buchholz (German Dietetic Association), and Chloé De Smet (Professional Union of French Speaking Graduated Dietitians) for providing expert input on both the concept of the online resources and video outlines.

Claire Whitney from Tufts University in Boston, USA, for contributing to the initial concept of the online resources and early versions of the outlines/scripts of the videos.
Paul Chamberlain, Joanna Neale, Lisa Cartlidge, Georgette Alayyan, Michelle Sutcliffe, and Rachael Hunter (dietitians/staff from University Hospital Southampton), for finalising the video outlines (Michelle Sutcliffe) based on the feedback received from the EFAD dietitians, and recording of the videos (all).

Adrian Moss, Ian Williamson, and Paul Phillips (Focus Business Communications Ltd) for providing video training for the dietitians and recording and editing the videos.