The REBPC, a cornerstone of support for members of National Dietetic Associations within EFAD, remains dedicated to fostering engagement in research and promoting evidence-based practices.

Reflecting on this momentous occasion, Sofie Joossens, one of the founding members and a stalwart contributor to the REBPC, shares her heartfelt reflections.


The 100th R&EBP Meeting on the Horizon: A Moment for Reflection

After leading the “Supporting Work-based/Placement Learning” work package for three years, and with the end of the DIETS 2 Thematic Network, I was introduced to EFAD. At that time, the federation was transforming, actively working towards future-proofing itself by integrating education and reconsidering its organizational structure.
Encouraged by individuals like Anne de Looy and Judith Liddell, I applied for the newly established “Research & Evidence-Based Practice Committee” (REBPC). In 2014, Gulcan Arusoglu, Maria Hassapidou, Meropi Kontogianni, Duane Mellor, Elke Naumann as the lead and I, convened virtually for the committee’s inaugural meeting.

Over the years, prominent members like Maria, Gulcan, Duane, Elke, Brian Power, and Eduard Baladia joined the committee for a considerable period, leaving their mark before moving on. Today the committee is led by the motivated Sharleen O’Reilly with notable members including Ludivine Soguel, Eleanor Johnstone, Elisabete Ramos, Yvonne M Jeanes, Doris Eglseer, Meropi Kontogianni, and myself.

Over the past decade, our team has achieved remarkable progress. We established the researchers’ database, actively participated in all EFAD conferences, supported and conducted various research projects in Europe, developed educational materials, collaborated with Karger Kompass Journals, and generated the EBD factsheet. All these achievements underscore our commitment to promoting EBP awareness among European dietitians. The recent publication of a discussion paper, co-authored with the Education & Lifelong Learning Committee reflects the overall progress in the field, identifies the work yet to be done, and reinforces the belief that our ongoing efforts also contribute to the quality of
care provided by dietitians across Europe.

As I reflect on my decade-long involvement with the R&EBP committee, I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all the people that I have met and worked with during this membership.
Above all, the privilege of collaborating with inspiring individuals has been and still is the most rewarding for me.

Teams evolve but the REBP spirit endures: let’s keep going!

Sofie Joossens
February 2024