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EFAD's Professional Practice Committee is proud to announce the release of an updated supplementary document to the International Confederation of Dietetic Associations (ICDA) Code of Ethics. This significant development represents a major stride towards advancing ethical standards within the dietetic profession. The updated supplement encompasses new chapters on diversity and the impact of digitalization and artificial intelligence, ensuring that ethical practices remain aligned with the evolving healthcare landscape.

With a commitment to promoting ethical excellence, EFAD’s Professional Practice Committee has worked diligently to enhance the existing ICDA Code of Ethics. By addressing key areas of diversity and the influence of technology, the updated supplementary document equips dietitians with the necessary guidance to navigate ethical challenges effectively.

In today’s rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, dietitians face new and complex ethical dilemmas. The supplementary document serves as a comprehensive resource, providing practical insights and considerations to address emerging challenges. By incorporating chapters on diversity and the impact of digitalization and artificial intelligence, EFAD empowers dietitians to navigate the changing landscape with confidence and integrity.

EFAD understands the importance of accessibility and inclusivity in disseminating ethical guidelines. The updated supplementary document is now available on the EFAD website, allowing dietitians worldwide to access invaluable resources easily. This accessibility ensures that professionals can stay up-to-date with ethical standards, enabling them to provide the best possible care to their patients.

EFAD’s Professional Practice Committee deserves recognition and appreciation for their dedication to advancing ethical standards within the dietetic profession. Their tireless efforts in developing the updated supplementary document demonstrate a commitment to fostering professional excellence and promoting ethical decision-making.

To explore the updated supplementary document and gain deeper insights into the ethical considerations in dietetics, visit here. Stay informed, empowered, and equipped to navigate ethical challenges in today’s dynamic healthcare environment.

The release of the updated supplementary document to the ICDA Code of Ethics marks a significant milestone in the dietetic profession. By addressing the critical areas of diversity and the impact of technology, EFAD is driving ethical excellence and ensuring dietitians can navigate emerging challenges with confidence and integrity. Embrace the new standards and join EFAD in shaping a future where ethical considerations are at the forefront of dietetics.

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EFAD 2022 Supplementary document to the current International Code of Ethics

Last Modified: October 2022
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