We are excited to announce that preparations for the upcoming issue of Kompass Nutrition and Dietetics (issue 2/23) have officially commenced. This is your opportunity to share your valuable information and make a significant impact in the field. We are specifically seeking contributions for two sections: Kaleidoscope and Calendar of Events.

  1. Kaleidoscope: In the Kaleidoscope section, we primarily utilize press releases to showcase new initiatives, research breakthroughs, and other noteworthy developments from your esteemed institute or organization. To be considered for publication, please provide the following:
  • Headline: Captivating headline summarizing your news
  • Text: Concise text with a maximum of 2000 characters, outlining the details of your announcement
  • Institute/Organization Name: The full name of the institute/organization responsible for disseminating the news
  • Logo: Attach your institute/organization’s logo
  • Website: If applicable, include the web address for additional information
  • Photo/Graphics: You may include a copyright-free photo, graphic, or eyecatcher to enhance the presentation (ensure you hold the copyright and grant us permission for its usage)
  1. Calendar of Events: Our Calendar of Events section aims to promote relevant upcoming events in the field of Nutrition and Dietetics. To have your event included, please provide the following details:
  • Event Name: Clearly state the name of the event
  • Date: Specify the date(s) of the event
  • Location: Provide the venue or location where the event will take place
  • Website: Include the website address where interested individuals can find further event information

To submit your contributions or if you have any questions, please forward all relevant information to Christine Schiller at c.schiller@karger.com. We kindly request you to adhere to the author’s instructions mentioned above to ensure seamless processing and consideration for publication.