Access to Nutritional Care is a Human Right

The 17th Hellenic Congress of Nutrition and Dietetics, under the overarching theme “Access to Nutritional Care is a Human Right,” successfully convened to showcase the latest scientific insights and practices in the dynamic field of Nutrition and Dietetics.

The Congress served as a dynamic forum for scientific exchange and robust debate, covering a diverse array of topics such as obesity, food behavior, food innovation, diabetes mellitus, sweeteners, sports nutrition, cardiovascular disease, chronic diseases, and the most recent scientific guidelines and recommendations.

With a remarkable turnout of over 2000 attendees, the event featured 123 oral presentations and drew significant engagement with 1618 participants in tutorials, highlighting the interest and momentum of the event. On the scientific front, 171 speakers delivered their expertise through 19 Lectures and 25 Round Tables, complemented by three Satellite Sessions that fostered collaboration with other esteemed institutions and associations.

From left to right
Fani Preventi, HDA President, Prof. Mary Giannakoulia, Eleni Andreou, CyDNA President, Vasilis Tsironis, EDDE President

A special moment was the award presented to Professor Mary Giannakoulia as a token of respect and universal appreciation for her dedication and contribution to the science of Dietetics and Nutrition. Professor Mary Giannakoulia received the EFAD Dietetic Fellowship Award at the 14th EFAD Congress in Budapest (October 2023) for her continuous outstanding and significant contribution to the advancement of dietetic practice, research, and education.

A highlight of the event was the enlightening speech by Deputy Minister of Health, Mrs. Agapidaki, addressing Health Policies aimed at preventing childhood obesity. Her discourse shed light on the Ministry’s forthcoming action, poised to transition from the planning phase to the implementation stage. The congress not only showcased the depth of knowledge in the field but also provided a platform for critical discussions and initiatives that will shape the future of nutritional care and well-being.

During the Closing Ceremony, awards were given to the best oral and poster presentations and the winners of the Student Competitions. The Congress concluded with an open invitation by the President of the Hellenic Dietetic Association (HDA), Fani Preventi, to all HDA members to actively participate in all future activities of the Association, renewing their appointment in 2025 and the 18th Hellenic Congress of Nutrition and Dietetics.

EFAD Representatives

EFAD’s Vice President, Grigoris Risvas


EFAD’s ESDN Obesity Lead, Prof. Maria Hassapidou

EFAD’s ESDN Older Adults Lead, Amalia Tsangari


EFAD’s Communications Manager, Marianna Kalliostra

The Organising Committee Chair, Christos Derdemezis (left), and the Scientific Committee Chair, Antonis Vlassopoulos (right)

ENDietS Joint-President Ezgi Kolay