European PRImary care Multi-prOfessional Researcher network (PRIMORE)

Leading organization: Centre for Care Research in close collaboration with EFPC and the NORCE Norwegian Research Centre.

PRIMORE has started in autumn 2018 and will run for three years based on a funding from the Norwegian Research Council.

Project leaders: Hilde Elin Haaland Kramer & Diana Castro Sandoval

Research coördinators: Frode F. Jacobsen & Mehmet Akman


Overall objectives

  • Exchange of research in Europe between the different professional groups and levels of care active in primary care
  • Development of interprofessional research on the organization of primary care with a focus on young researchers from CEE countries
  • Increase of interest and respect for each other’s profession among primary care professionals
  • A growing evidence base for Community Oriented Primary Care (COPC)



  • Linking the different research activities to each other and making sure new research partners will get involved in the network. Initiating and fostering the formation of new research groups resulting in the development of new research proposals with different professional groups and levels involved.
  • Coordinating the writing process of the position papers, establishing a small group of main authors and reaching out towards a larger group of experts for input. Organising three workshops at the EFPC conferences in 2019, 2020 and 2021
  • Further development of the online platform called PIE based on the requests and conditions needed for PRIMORE to facilitate the exchange of Problems, Ideas and Experiences in Interprofessional Primary Care research
  • Transforming PIE achievements and discussions, research results and network developments into relevant training and education material and sessions at events planned within the PRIMORE project. This training/education should be interactive and acceptable for the different levels and cultures involved in PRIMORE



  • An established and running network which is mature to continue its’ activities based on the input of members and partners from research, policy and practice, as part of the EFPC association
  • Research results are presented at international conferences and (scientific) journals and new interprofessional research projects have started
  • Three position papers have been written and published in Primary Health Care Research & Development
  • The PIE platform is running as the central exchange point for European interprofessional primary care research
  • A) Three webinars, B) two masterclasses, C) one summer-course and D) one final conference have been organized for a minimum of 50 (A), 50-200 (B), 20 (C) and 250 (D) participants