The preparation of the Kompass Nutrition and Dietetics issue for autumn 2024 has started. If you have information to share in the sections Kaleidoscope and Calendar of Events, please forward the information to Christine Schiller ( 

Please check the author’s instructions below:


For Kaleidoscope usually press releases are being used.

It must have a headline, text with not more than 2000 characters, the full name of the institute/organization that spread the news, its logo, and a web address (if available). Additionally, a photo, graphic, or other eyecatcher could be included, as long as you hold the copyright and we can use the element for free. This part contains a short text about new initiatives, research, etc. from your organization.

Calendar of events

For the Calendar of Events we need:

  • The name of the event
  • The data
  • The event location
  • The website, where you will get more information.

The deadline for submitting content is 30 August 2024.

The latest issue of Kompass Nutrition and Dietetics was published in April 2024 and had a special focus on Nutrition in Vulnerable Populations.