Honorary Membership of EFAD is awarded to dietetic colleagues and others who make a significant contribution to the achievement of our Vision, Mission and Strategic Plan. Honorary membership can also be awarded to members of the profession as a reflection of the respect and regard of their colleagues for a particularly important contribution over a long period of time.

Honorary Membership of EFAD is a lifetime honour. Membership is not confined to citizens of Europe however the Honorary Member should have demonstrated a significant and sustained contribution to dietetics.

Recognition of the achievements of the person can be honoured in individual fields or combination of fields of:

  • dietetic education
  • professional practice
  • research and evidence based practice
  • partnership

When the achievements of the individual have also been:

  • demonstrated over more than 10 years
  • actively involved in the work of EFAD and/or the profession at a strategic or national level
  • clearly recognised by others as a role model within a leadership or mentoring capacity

Honorary Members do not have to be EFAD members but must have some ongoing and significant relationship or link to the dietetic profession. It is a means by which EFAD members can recognise those people who are not in the dietetic profession but have supported and contributed to its development and profile.


EFAD Honorary Members

Judith Liddell

Secretary General/Executive Director 1998-2021

Renate Frenz

Honorary President 1984-2000

Irene Mackay

Honorary President 2000-2006

Karin Hådell

Honorary President 2006-2010

Carole Middleton

Executive member 2006-2014

Edith Elliot

Honorary Treasurer 1992-2000

Anne de Looy

Honorary President 2010-2018

Mary-Ann Soerensen

Executive Committee member 1996-2012

Maria Hassapidou

Co-Lead ESDN for Obesity; Poster Committee Chair

Ylva Orrevall

Professional Practice Committee member 2010-2018