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The European Federation of the Associations of Dietitians (EFAD), supported by the Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee (ISIC), undertook a member survey into current awareness and attitudes towards coffee and health.

The survey was completed by 585 dietitians from across 26 European countries. It was revealed that almost two thirds (62%) of European dietitians believe drinking coffee in moderation has clear health benefits, with 86% agreeing that regular moderate intake can improve alertness and 69% agreeing that regular, moderate intake is associated with an improvement in overall sports performance.

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520 out of the 585 survey participants took part in the prize competition and got a chance to win 500€ for the 14th EFAD conference (fee + travel expenses).
EFAD’s jury went through all the inspiring responses to the competition question: “Why would you like to attend the 14th EFAD Conference 2023 and how this experience will help you become a better practitioner?” and nominated the following 4 winners (in random order):
 Vasiliki Karagianni, Sweden
 Marta Csanalosi Artigas, Germany
 Sebastian Catana, Romania
Beatriz Rocha Fama Ferreira Neves, Portugal
Congratulations and thank you to all the inspiring responders that helped us shape the 14th EFAD Congress according to their needs and expectations.

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Last Modified: November 22, 2022