9 June 2021


In this webinar, participants will comprehend:

  • The factors leading to malnutrition and sarcopenia in liver cirrhosis
  • The available nutritional assessment methods and the limitations of each one in these patients
  • The dominant nutritional screening and nutritional assessment tools so far in the literature
  • The available clinical approaches for nutritional intervention and ways we can tailor it to each patient’s needs
  • The gaps and future aims in the field of nutritional status assessment and nutritional intervention in patients with liver cirrhosis



  • Alexandra Georgiou, MSC PhD is a Clinical Dietitian-Nutritionist from Athens, Greece.

Her bachelor was in Nutrition Science & Dietetics and her postgraduate studies on Applied Clinical Nutrition at the Harokopio University of Athens. Her PhD dissertation was entitled “Assessment of the nutritional status of patients with liver cirrhosis”. She is running a private dietetic office in Athens since 2015 and, currently, she is also a teaching assistant at Harokopio University for the “Clinical Nutrition” course of bachelor studies. Meanwhile, she participates as a researcher in several scientific studies and clinical trials, with her main scientific interests focused on malnutrition and sarcopenia assessment and on childhood obesity.  Lea Franziska is also a Dietitian and active member of ESDN- Gastroenterology of EFAD.


Date: June 9 at 7 pm CEST