Quick overview

Have you ever heard about Erasmus's student mobility? ENDietS launched a new webinar concept to empower dietetic students, we encourage you to step up for international experiences! The webinar starts with the application process to discover Erasmus students' mobility for studies and for internships and continues with experience sharing. Three former nutrition and dietetic students share their unique Erasmus experiences to give inspiration and motivation. If you are looking for opportunities to study or train abroad, do not miss out on this webinar!



Ezgi Melody Kolay MSc, Dietitian & Nutritionist, Joint President at ENDietS

Ezgi completed the Erasmus internship in Poland at Nutritional Assessment Laboratory during her bachelor’s study in 2016. She took part in many nutrition research and currently working as a project officer on EuHHAC and Breakfast Toolkit projects at EFAD. Since her internship experience, she has been guiding many dietetics students on their Erasmus journey.

Zeynep Kepoğlu Dietitian - Nutritionist

Zeynep completed her undergraduate education in nutrition and dietetics in Turkey. After graduation, she had an opportunity to do an Erasmus internship in Poland for six months. She will share her Erasmus experience: how did she apply for the internship? how was being an Erasmus student in Poland? What did she gain from it? and more!

Stella Miric Senior Nutritionist & Physiologist at The Edge HPL®, UK

Stella participated in the Erasmus student mobility program for a total of twenty months during both her undergraduate and graduate years in three different countries: the Netherlands, Greece and the UK. Let’s listen together to what differences and similarities these countries have in terms of the Erasmus experience!