A New FAO Publication – ‘Dietary assessment – Guide

 Dietary assessment – a resource guide to method selection and application in low resource settings” has just been published by FAO.


 The resource guide is for free download from the FAO website click here

 With funding support from the European Union, this resource guide aims to providing a comprehensive overview of dietary assessment and it has taken into account the challenges in the selection of the most appropriate assessment method for a dietary survey.

 Dietary assessment includes an evaluation of food, nutrient intake and dietary pattern of an individual, or individuals at household level or in a population group over time.


 Why would the new resource guide may fit your needs?

It is not easy to find a manual that provides clear, succinct and practical steps to follow in order to prepare for and carry out dietary assessment.

 This resource guide is written for professionals, nutrition and dietetics students who play an active role in the selection of an appropriate method for dietary assessment and/or dietary survey, project monitoring and impact evaluation. It is a step-by-step guide which has covered methodological considerations, including strengths and limitations, experiences drawn from the low resource settings, as well as practical tips for application in the field. It could help design a specific study to generate robust evidence for informing better food and nutrition policies, programmes and actions.


How would the resource guide improve the method selection and its application?

Following this resource guide, professionals, researchers and students are guided to collect more reliable, accurate and high quality dietary information by identifying and addressing key issues, such as the study objectives, available resources, target population characteristics, seasonality and cultural aspects, etc. prior to the selection of the most suitable dietary assessment method.