Information & Guidelines

Aims and Scope

«Kompass Nutrition & Dietetics» is a valuable source of the latest knowledge for dietitians and specialists in private dietetic practice.
In the section Knowledge Transfer, our experts break down selected original articles with a view on how to apply this information in your day-to-day work. The gain from these digests: Research insight is condensed into what is essential for the job as a dietitian. Selected case reports from internationally acclaimed journals introduce the focus topic of each issue. Individual knowledge transfer articles inform you about cutting-edge results from research, with a critical discussion and an outlook on client benefit and practical use.
Carefully selected newsflashes on health care and on professional developments round off the spectrum of this «Kompass» journal. (Kompass Nutrition & Dietetics Aims & Scope - Karger Publishers)

Way of working and submission of information

Kompass Nutrition and Dietetics will be published twice a year (spring and autumn). For each issue, the expert board (consisting of representatives from EFAD's European Specialist Dietetic Networks and EFAD's Research and Evidence Based Practice Committee) will decide on a theme and on potential authors for writing knowledge transfer articles. These potential authors will be asked by Karger to write knowledge transfer articles. This means that they will receive an original research article and they will write a summary of this research and how to transfer the knowledge into dietetic practice. Kompass Nutrition and Dietetics also publishes case reports, about dietetic treatment of an individual patient. These case reports may be translated from case reports already published by national dietetic journals (if permission is being obtained from the publisher). The same holds for publication of translated research articles from national dietetic journals or magazines. If the editorial board is looking for case reports or research articles that have already been published, EFAD will let you know. Kompass Nutrition and Dietetics is not a peer reviewed journal that publishes original research. Therefore, you cannot submit original research work to KND.

For each issue we will ask EFAD members to send in information for the sections Kaleidoscope and Calender of Events.

Guidelines for kaleidoscope and calendar of events

  • For the Kaleidoscope part of the journal, press releases are usually used.

It must have a headline, a text with not more than 2000 characters, the full name of the institute/organization who spread the news, its logo and a webaddress (if possible). Additionally, a photo, graphic or other eyecatcher could be included, as long as you hold the copyright and we can use the element for free. This part contains a short text about new initiatives, research etc from your organisation.

  • For the Calendar of Events we need:
    • The name of the event.
    • The data
    • The event location

Translating articles from Kompass Nutrition and Dietetics for publication on NDA websites

Although it is not possible to translate a full article, because of licence issues, associations can make a summary and post it in the local language. It is important to post it on the “for members only” part of the website. It should not be made available for everyone. NDA’s can also put the cover of the journal on the website if they like, and, of course, the link to the journal homepage at Karger, so their members can access the full text.

Free access to members of EFAD

Members of EFAD (NDAs and HEIs) and members of member associations are given free access to the online journal content.

For more information, please see:
Kompass Nutrition & Dietetics Online First - Karger Publishers
or contact Elke Naumann (, editor in chief