EuHHAC Hydration Resource Center



Increasing Healthy Hydration awareness has become a key element of the work of EFAD since 2015. EFAD in collaboration with experts on healthy hydration has launched the European Healthy Hydration Awareness Campaign (EuHHAC). The EuHHAC aims to seize the opportunity to promote healthy hydration in the current food ‘climate’; expressed in the Food and Nutrition Action Plan (FNAP) and complemented in the EFAD European Dietetic Action Plan.

A series of actions were undertaken as part of the EuHHAC to increase awareness and knowledge on healthy hydration among dietitians and health professionals. These actions include surveys, webinars, interactive session and tutorials on hydration. In 2019, a paper was published in Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism articulating the progress of the work to date. As part of the EuHHAC, an online Hydration Resource Center (HRC) was also developed, where members of EFAD can access evidence-based resources on healthy hydration and find tools to use in their daily practice. 



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