Frequently Asked Questions

If your questions are not answered here, you can send
us an e-mail at
How can I contact ENDietS anchors?
You can contact us via email or in our facebook page “ENDietS”.
How can I become a member of ENDietS?
If you want to become a member of ENDietS you just have to register via this link
Can we actively participate in ENDietS?
If you want to actively participate in ENDietS you have to declare this in your registration or just send an email to so we can contact you in the future.
Can any individual dietetic student be a member of ENDietS or does it depend on their HEI (if it is or it is not an EFAD member)?  
ENDietS is addressed to every dietetic student in the world and as there is no member fee, everyone can be part of it regardless wether their university is an EFAD member or not.
Is there a participation fee for the network?
The registration and the participation at ENDietS and the webinars is free of charge.
How often are you planning a webinar and on what subjects? Is it also possible for students to hold a webinar presentation?
We are planning to offer webinars once a month. The subjects will be dietetic related and also every student is welcome to propose a new subject to be analyzed or to present his/her own work (thesis, essay, article). You may wish to contact us for more information.
How can I attend the webinar?  
If you are already a member of ENDietS you will receive an invitation every time a webinar is scheduled. The invitation contains the date and time the webinar will take place. You need to register via the link you obtain with that mail so that you have your personal code which is unique to you.
Can you elaborate more on some cross-border projects that ENDietS plans to do in the future?
For ENDietS future plans and projects you can follow our bulletin and agenda which you can find in our website ( ) or if you have registered, it will be sent to you via email and informs you about our news and work.
Is it possible to find universities which associated to EFAD?
On the website of EFAD you can find a lot of information according this subject. Please register to the EFAD Homepage and click this link:   
Is there a network which can help me to find study exchanges?
On our website via this link ( ) you can find information about study opportunities. All news will be published there and on our Facebook Group ENDietS.
Is it possible for working dietitians to share case studies?
we can all learn a lot from that  (and it is the dietitians’ responsibility to guard over confidentiality etc.)