General meeting: Names of EFAD delegates can be accessed here

Executive committee: 


Annemieke van Ginkel-Res Honorary President
   Judith Liddell Executive Director
 Grigoris Risvas Honorary Vice President
 Pauline Douglas Honorary Treasurer
 Sissi Stove Lorentzen Delegate of the Norwegian Association of Clinical Dietitians
 Manuel Monino Delegate of the of the Spanish General Council of Dietitians-Nutritionists
 Daniel Buchholz Delegate of the German Dietetic Association
Fiona McCullough Chair of the Education and Lifelong Learning Committee
   Constantina Papoutsakis  Chair of Professional Practice Committee
 Sharleen O'Reilly Chair of Research and Evidence Based Practice Committee
 Reka Kegyes Office Manager
Katarzyna Janiszewska Project Manager



Committees and representatives:

The list of different committee members can be downloaded here. If you wish to contact a member of an EFAD committee please contact