Strategic Plan


In developing our Strategic Plan, we have considered the challenges facing Europe and its population that will influence nutritional health. Further, we have taken into account foreseeable changes in demographics, education, the economy, technological advances, and the review of European policies and sustainable supplies of food.
The welfare of individuals or groups of the population who are at acute or chronic nutritional risk is at the heart of the work of European dietitians and their Associations. Dietitians work with all age groups and across diverse cultures, socioeconomic conditions, clinically, in public health and in food supply and catering. Dietitians are educated in nutritional science and its application to improve health and wellbeing. They are well placed to scientifically appraise strategies and make effective interventions or policy decisions to improve nutritional health and wellbeing at local, regional and national level.
EFAD has a unique role to play in representing not only the best nutritional evidence that European dietitians can provide, but also in advocating improved food supply strategies designed to support people making wise food choices. By working at local, national, European and international level we aim to initiate, influence and inform policy decisions that will ensure that nutrition, food and health are always considered.
For their part, European dietitians must respond through continual professional development and an evidenced-based approach to their practice.
The implementation of this plan will require commitment to sharing best practice between National Dietetic Associations and all of our stakeholders in pro-active, open and creative ways that reflect our commitment to the values of EFAD.
Strategic Plan 2017-2021
Strategic Plan 2011-2016